Collabs - Ginny Marie's


Mar 6th 2020


Do you love Ginny Marie's? Do you have active social media accounts with a great following? Are you a local influencer? A leader? A role model? We would love to have you join our tribe of boutique babes! We spoil our boutique babes with coupon codes, freebies, & commission!

About Ginny Marie's & our Boutique Babes:

Ginny Marie's Boutique & Monogram Gift Shop celebrates women & fellowship! We love our loyal customer base, our fabulous staff, and our community. We carry boutique apparel, jewelry, monogram gifts, and general gifts. Our gal is fun, trendy, and most likely southern! While she keeps up with the trends, she also loves to stand out! Our motto is to cultivate kindness! We believe in living life and loving life. We invite our boutique babes to build relationships with our gals here on staff and with each other!

Our boutique babe gals will be given a specific, trackable discount code to distribute to friends, family, classmates, clients, etc. to use in store & online. This trackable coupon code will be used to earn commission redeemable in Ginny Marie's gift cards. In addition, boutique babes will receive packages filled with Ginny Marie's freebies monthly! The more active our gals are in their posts, code redemptions, etc. the more we spoil them!

Our Expectations:

  • Promote Ginny Marie's with at least two social media posts monthly
  • Spread awareness through the use of discount codes, photos, etc.
  • Coupon Code Redemption: While we want to see that your family & friends are enjoying your code, this is also an opportunity for you to earn rewards! We run contests with our gals and give bonus gifts based on code redemption.
  • Local Boutique Babes are invited to some of our photo shoots and local events.
  • We will have regular check-ins via text/email etc. with all our gals to evaluate performance and brainstorm ideas!
  • Most importantly, we want you to have fun!

Ready to earn fabulous discounts on our clothing, gifts, jewelry & MORE?!? Fill out the application below and provide as many details as possible!

Which Ginny Marie's Boutique Babe are you?!?* 10 Boutique Babes are chosen in each category!

COLLEGE BABES: College babes can be attending any college in the U.S. and can be in any academic year but must be attending classes on campus (not online only).

LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL AMBASSADORS MACON LOCATION: Local High School Ambassadors may be juniors or seniors attending Bibb County, Monroe County, Jones County, & Houston County schools both public and private.

OTHER INFLUENCERS: We also love collaborating with other influencers who love all things fabulous and have a website/youtube/blog etc. Influencers who are moms, travelers etc. are welcome to fill out this application! This category is meant for Ginny Marie’s gals who are no longer attending school.