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All About Our Bridal Boxes


What is in my box?
Our Bridal Boxes are perfect for all new brides!  We include monogrammed gifts, bridal tees, drink ware, stationary, and Much More!  We believe quality matters!  We include high end bridal merchandise from Moon & Lola, and more!  Other fav brands featured in our Bridal Boxes include Camelbak, Tervis, Corkcicle, Atx Mafia, Southern Darlin' and more!  Create your bride's profile and we will customize your box according to your wedding date!  Wedding colors may also be used on some of the fabulous goodies in your box!!

Bridal Boxes contain 2 items each month.  Our Bridal Box Sampler contains 1 item each month.  Some items are monogrammed.  Bride's monogram and His & Hers monogram is used on monogrammed items.  Our boxes are packaged in white boxes & pink bubble mailers.

Can I give the Bridal Box as a gift?

Not pampering yourself?  Looking for the perfect shower gift?  Our Bridal Boxes can be given as a gift.  Fill out the Bride's profile the best you can and she can tell us more when she receives her gift.  The more you know the more we can customize her box.  The 1st month is often planned as a Welcome and will not require the custom details.    

Can I make changes to my profile? (sizing preferences, monogram, etc.)

Changes: You can update your monogram info, sizing preferences, etc. to your bridal box. We do recommend following accurate sizing when signing up to avoid any delay on size changes. See “Sizing Info” tab for more information. All changes must be submitted via email by the 31st for the following month. Make changes to your monogram box profile here:

Sizing Info
T-Shirt Size:  Our t-shirts are a womens/unisex fit.  The tee size you would choose for Simply Southern tees is the size you would want to include here.  We do not typically send Simply Southern tees in our Bridal Boxes as they do not have a Bridal theme.  However, the sizing you would follow for Simply Southern will be accurate sizing.


Billing Info

Your credit card will be charged on the first of each month and your monogram box will be shipped by the 31st.

Your credit card will be charged for the current month when you sign up for the first box and will not be charged again until the 1st of the following month. 

Taxes, service charges, & shipping fees are applied to your plan when applicable. Please see taxes & Service charges. Any applicable taxes and shipping charges for your first monogram box will be charged within 48 hours of your first payment. All future charges will be included in the total cost of your monogram box payment charged on the 1st of each month.

Taxes & service charges: Georgia residents 7% sales tax; All 49 states excluding GA will be charged a 7% service charge. Georgia residents will not pay service charge in addition to taxes. Service charges & taxes are not applied to shipping costs. Applicable taxes and shipping charges for your first monogram box will be charged within 48 hours of your first payment. All future charges will be included in the total cost of your monogram box payment charged on the 1st of each month.

Shipping Info

Bridal Boxes do not run on the same shipping schedule as our Monogram Boxes.  Your first box ships within 2-3 weeks.  Each additional box ships on the scheduled ship date for that month.  July's scheduled ship date for Bridal Boxes is July 25th.  

These dates are tentative and subject to change.

Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month and your Bridal Box will be shipped by the 31st.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation Terms

After 3 months you may cancel your subscription at any time. Your monogram box will ship by the 31st of every month until you submit a cancellation request. We know you will love your box! But sometimes things happen and you may need to cancel. No problem. You are receiving this great deal for all these goodies with your 3-month agreement. After 3 months you may cancel at any time. Please give 28 days notice to cancel your box. You must notify us by the 3rd of the month before canceling. For example, you may cancel your subscription for September by August 3rd. This is 28 days before the 1st of September, when September's payment would normally be processed. Submit a cancellation request here:

Contact  Us

Create an account & update your Bridal Box profile here:

Contact us
All emails are returned within 1-2 business days.

Our sales associates answer the phone in the boutique. They are able to answer general questions about our monthly boxes and take orders. To make changes to your profile, submit cancellation requests, or for specific info about billing & shipping please contact us at Our online customer service team is in charge of planning boxes, handling billing, assisting with monogramming, and ensuring that you receive the best products at the best price! The customer service team is hands on and the best equipped to answer questions and handle any issues.

Bridal Box Return Policy

*Items cannot be returned unless there was an error on our part*

Returns are not accepted on bridal box items. We LOVE to make items that you will love and take each and every item into account. We use only the best quality products. Ginny Marie's has put together all kinds of great info in our "ALL ABOUT OUR BRIDAL BOXES" section. This section is also the "terms" check box when you check out. If you feel that any info is missing or not properly described in this section PLEASE email us at! We LOVE customer feedback and are always looking for ways to improve.

Postal errors: All postal errors must be reported to your local post office. If you need to file a claim to retrieve your merchandise you will need your tracking # and our mailing address. Our mailing address is Ginny Marie's | 3920 Ridge Avenue | Macon, Ga. 31210. If USPS makes an error with your order we will replace your items provided that you file a claim within 10 days. please email us once this claim has been filed so that we can follow up with USPS on your behalf. Claims may be filed online or at your local branch.